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Easy zombie - 8 hours of video tutorials - ASMR

This is my new full tutorial series. Over 8 hours of videos, covering the entire character creation process, from start to finish. I will be going through topics such as modelling techniques with ZBrush 4R8, VDMs, hair and beard creation, polypaint, texture baking, posing, texture creation and rendering. And if you enjoy ASMR, that's a bonus for relaxation. :)

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BIG THANKS to this month supporters:
Davide Porro

Easy zombie - Part 1: ZBrush 4R8 and Quixel Megascans

Easy zombie - Part 2: Polypaint with ZBrush - ASMR

Easy zombie - Part 3: Hair and beard with Ornatrix for Maya - ASMR

Easy zombie - Part 4: Posing in Maya VS Posing in ZBrush - ASMR

Easy zombie - Part 5: Final render with Octane Render for Maya - ASMR

Easy zombie - BONUS - Recreating the final render with Octane STANDALONE - ASMR